Day 20: Presentations, Offshoring, Facebook

9 10 2009

Class did not meet today, since our students all made their loan presentations to our review board this week and some were completely traumatized by the experience. Not a lot to report here about connected learning, except to share two observations from their presentations. First, we had multiple groups who are sourcing their products from China. While those of us in the loan review group (i.e. those over 40 years old) all gritted our teeth as we anticipated the problems which this choice could lead to, the students were unfazed. For example, one group is ordering iPhone cases with the school logo on them; the price is domestically unbeatable and they have been promised two-day shipping. (NOTE: this product did arrive on time, was as advertised, and sold rapidly). Welcome to the global marketplace.

Several of the groups also were using Facebook to publicize their items and generate sales, which is a recent addition to their traditional marketing methods which mostly fall into the “stand outside a campus event and accost people as they leave” category. This shift is consistent with most of the data I’m seeing, which suggests that Facebook is becoming a typical student’s internet portal. A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education notes that email is actually falling out of favor with some students, as they shift more of their communication to text message and Facebook postings.

So if you’ve just figured out email, hang on for the ride! Hopefully they will settle on something soon.




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