Day 10: The Invisible Man

14 09 2009

invisible_manIn more than a decade of teaching in various formats and settings, I can confidently say that Day 10 was one of the easiest class days I have ever experienced. While I would love to give credit to connected learning tools, the real reason is that I was out of town. The timing of the trip was good, since this was group project day. The students did check in with g-mail, then they worked in their teams.

Just FYI, the group project in this class involves teams of 7-8 students developing, purchasing, and reselling an actual product. We loan them up to $500 (real money!) and they have to generate a return of $250 for an ‘A’. The proceeds go to scholarships and non-profit groups. It is probably one of the best ways I know to introduce new students to business at its most basic level. It is also pretty stressful for many of them.

My only real concern about days I am absent is that my students might rate these days as more enjoyable than the days I am present…




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